Launching the SamePage Partner Program

We are partnering with agencies and small businesses who need to augment their workspaces.

At SamePage, we enable users to collaborate seamlessly across workspaces. The problem space for that challenge is quite large. So to help narrow our focus, we are looking to partner with an initial cohort of organizations to give feedback on what areas in that problem space are most dire.

What are we offering

There are several popular workspaces that companies are using to run their operations today. They include, but are not limited to:

While these applications each provide their users a wealth of functionality, every team runs their own internal processes for executing. Those internal processes often run across multiple applications that both the team and their clients use, leaving manual and redundant work to be done across these applications. This is where we come in.

SamePage is the first extension to launch on Roam, Obsidian, & LogSeq. We have become experts in integrations and extending functionality on top of other applications. We are going to begin extending that expertise into workspaces that teams are using to run their organizations.

By becoming one of our early partners, you will get access to:

  • The network powering cross application syncing, querying, and automations across our extensions
  • Unlimited, prioritized access to our engineering team plugging in integrations that your team is missing
  • Highly responsive team using a shared chat channel

Who should partner with us

We are looking for initial partners that currently:

  • Run an agency or small business (team size: 3-50)
  • Manages the team on at least one of the referenced workspace apps
  • Wastes 10+ hours/month on manual effort across apps

If you're not sure about whether or not we should work together and would like to learn more, please book a call with us on our calendar.

How to get started

Click this link to subscribe to our service and get started with our partnership. From there, we will email you instructions on how to get the SamePage extension set up on your workspace, how to join our shared communication channel, and how to enter requests for new functionality. For more up to date information on how our partnership will work, visit our agency page.