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Jobs at SamePage

We are a remote-first company with a mission to connect 10 billion+ previously disconnected data silos. We believe in radical transparency with a completely open source product and align ourselves with the principles of being an Open Startup. Join our team to help enable people the freedom to work from whichever workspace they want, without compromising on collaboration.

Founding Community Manager


This role will encompass all work needed to grow the SamePage ecosystem that doesn't pertain to the direct engineering of the product. The person in charge of this role will be the face of the company to users - mainly focused on our Discord server and various other engagement shannels. We are looking for someone to take an active role in growing SamePage's userbase, and engaging the existing SamePage userbase in using the product and sourcing feedback.


The following set of responsibilities are based on our current understanding on the work needed to be done to grow SamePage. However, we're looking for people who enjoy to take ownership of their work and begin to form their own thesis on what work would be the highest value add for the company. These initial responsibilities include:

  • Community management - help and triage issues users report in our community forums to decide what needs to be sent to engineering.
  • Content creation - create and maintain videos, tutorials, & documentation that will be posted on social media and hosted by our website.
  • User interviews - schedule calls with individual users and analyze trends in the feedback to guide product direction.
  • Collaboration - work with the founder to build sales funnels and advise on the growth of the user base.


The following set of qualifications are not individually required, but are in the set of qualities we are looking for in candidates. They are the criteria by which we will evaluate candidates based on who we end up speaking to for the position. These qualifications include:

  • Experience working in a startup environment and comfortable with ambiguity.
  • Community management experience, ideally with newsletters or Discord.
  • Content creation on social media experience, ideally with an existing following in the productivity or tools for thought communities.
  • Experience working with users directly, either through in person or virtual meetings with users.

To apply, book a call on our calendar and in the description, list any links to relevant experiences that we could review before the call.