Collaborate acrossany application

Live sync pages, query data, and automate workflows across different workspaces all from within the context of your favorite app.

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The inter-tool protocol for thought

Everyone has their own tool. SamePage brings them together. No matter what tool each member of your team is using, we're bringing collaboration back as SamePage can sync changes without anybody needing to leave their custom setup.

A new way of working


Bring Your Own Tool

Before you go off exporting your data to import into another new tool, plug your existing tools to the SamePage Network by installing the SamePage extension.

Have another tool you'd like to see supported? Let us know!


Own Your Data

Create Shared pages across applications and control which notebooks have access to which data.

All while being backed up by the decentralized web so that you don't need SamePage to access your data.


Stay on the SamePage

We are bringing collaboration back to the tools for thought space by letting users connect pages in their second brains to those in others - no matter the tool you each used.

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