We are building the inter-tool protocol for thought.

We are a remote-first organization looking to reconnect our tools for thought using extensions and protocols. We were founded in 2022 and support the following values:

  • Open Source Everything - While we respect and look to protect the privacy of our users, we as a company plan to be radically transparent with all parts of our business.
  • Standards Over Efficiency - It will always be more efficient to use centralized systems. At SamePage, we're focused on collaboration, which means we are focused on standards and will strive to be compatible with them wherever possible.
  • As Native As Possible - Shared systems are easier to manage, but native components removes more friction for users. We'll always opt to use components and conventions established by the host application.
  • Bias For Action - We are insistent on dogfooding our product. We also strive to help the host applications implement the features that will make this protocol possible.


David Vargas
Michael Gartner
Wildcard Person
We are not yet hiring - however our projects are open source and available at!